Z5-U Spinal Orthosis – Universal LSO

Our Z-Cross Model Z5-Universal Spinal LSO Orthosis features comfort and stability. They are designed with a 6:1 mechanical advantage compression strapping system, utilizing dual pull string pulley straps. One smooth pull securely forms the Z-Cross to the patient’s torso and provides intra-abdominal compression, reducing the load on inter-vertebral discs. No tools are needed. Simply adjust side panels to adapt to any body shape and size.

14” posterior height with spinal relief cut-out.
7” anterior height.
Fully adjustable side panels.

Universal Circumference.
Fits approximately 28″ to 48″ circumference.

1 pair of adjustable extension panels can add an additional 14” to the circumference and fit up to 62”.  Model ZEP panels sold separately.

extension panels sold separately.

Indications: Chronic Back Pain; Compression Fracture; Herniated / Bulging Disk ; Laminectomy; Ligament Strain; Muscle Sprain; Spinal Stabilization; Spinal Stenosis; Spondylolisthesis; Spondylolysis

Care Information

PDAC Approved L0637 / L0650

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