I have been a customer of U.S. Orthotics for over 12 years and it’s been a great experience. It’s simple; they exemplify “customer service” and this is something you do not often find. The stellar customer service starts with Peggy answering your call and making sure every question is answered. You’re not talking to an automated system, but people who care about their products and about you! Products that are well made and backed by their well supported warranty. They have customized many of their braces for me and I have always had great success with the fittings. U.S. Orthotics has an amazing shipping policy. Once you order your products, it goes out the door. Anthony and U.S. Orthotics can count on me as a lifelong customer so try them because I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!
Dino Scanio, CO, LO
Pediatric Orthotist


We have used products from U.S. Orthotics for over 20 years.  We are very happy with the excellent quality of their LS corsets, knee sleeves and other products we use.  Our orders are filled quickly and accurately by friendly, informative staff.  I highly recommend U.S. Orthotics for their soft goods.
Lucia Brudon, LOF


Having developed a relationship with much of the staff at U.S. Orthotics, I’ve been able to witness the care and attention that goes into every single product that leaves their shop. I honestly believe that they care about my health – and to me, that’s what matters.
David Bley, patient


I have been buying from U.S. Orthotics for 7 years and I must say I am very satisfied with the products and the good service; I plan to keep working with them for a long time. The orders are always shipped on time and the products arrive just as ordered. I would certainly recommend this company to my fellow Orthotists. I would say U.S Orthotics products are of excellent quality and the prices are better than similar products from other companies.
Luis Stern – Orthotist; Mexico City


Having personally known, and utilized, products and services through U.S. Orthotics for 25 years now, I can truly attest to the excellent customer service they provide.  The owners and staff are knowledgeable and friendly and take the extra time and effort to make sure you are completely satisfied.  Our orders have been shipped correctly and on time.  If ever there was to be an anticipated delay we were notified immediately.  U.S. Orthotics in summary is top quality and I would highly recommend them for their service and products. U.S. Orthotics has been a part of the history and tradition of the Prosthetic and Orthotic community in the Tampa Bay Area and of the U.S.
Waldo 0. Esparza, L.P. Florida Licensed
Tampa Bay Prosthetics


U.S. Orthotics has provided us products since 2009, when we first opened our facility.  We are exceptionally happy with all aspects of the company.
The entire staff is courteous, friendly and helpful. Anthony was very instrumental with ordering the correct products for our applications.  He worked closely with our Practitioners.  He listened intently, made suggestions and carried through with his commitments.

Our products are always delivered within days of our ordering.

The products started out very high quality and it is with extreme satisfaction, for us to say they STILL are top quality!!  Prices are totally in the ball park for a profitable reimbursement.

Not sure…call them, you won’t be disappointed!
Irene Boyd
Tri-County Orthotics & Prosthetics  –  Owner & Practice Manager