ALTO Uni - Adjustable Knee Orthosis

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Universal 3-Panel Adjustable ROM Hinged Knee Support

13” and 17" wrap-around knee supports with multi-position hinges provide control and support for ligament injuries and instabilities.

Adjustable body circumference.
Adjustable Velcro circumference straps.
Adjustable hinge pocket assemblies for proper medial/lateral placement.

ROM design features adjustable hinges for dial-in adjustment of extension control. Stops at 0° – 15° – 30° – 45° to full ROM.

Fits either left or right.
Easy to apply. Anterior closure.

Model K-908-U    13" with 2 straps
Model K-909-U    17" with 4 straps

INDICATIONS: Post-operative management & rehabilitation; For locked or limited motion control of knee. Mild to moderate ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL; Combined ligament instabilities; Medial and lateral collateral ligament instabilities.

Adjustable sizing
to fit a range of
Knee Circumference
Thigh 13" - 30"
Knee 11.5" - 28"
Calf 12" - 28"

Care Information

PDAC Verified Code L1832 & L1833 (K-908-U)

PDAC Verified Code L1832 & L1833 (K-909-U)

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