Wrap-Around Plain or stick on hinges MODEL KW1

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Wrap-Around Knee Support

Neoprene wrap-around knee support.  Neoprene provides warmth & compression. Nylon on both sides. Stick on hinges sold separate.

Select Length Support
Regular Support - Model KW-1 - Fits up to 24” circumference.
Long Support - Model KW-1L - Fits up to 30” circumference.

Select Stick On Side Hinges & Straps:
No Hinges
Regular - Model KM-HP2VS  for KW1
Long - Model KM-HP-2VSL for KW1L

Select Buttress
No buttress
Circular buttress
U-Shaped buttress

INDICATIONS: Knee sprains and strains; Collateral ligament sprain; Tendonitis; Mild ACL/ PCL sprain


Care Information

SACDMERC Approved L1810 (with hinges)