Patella Stabilizer Hinged MODEL KJ PS2

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Neoprene Patella Stabilizer  - J-Bar Knee Support with Single Axis Hinge

Our KJ-PS2 patella stabilizer offers a strong tubular, buttress for a number of patellofemoral conditions. It has single axis joints for medial lateral control. Low profile design allows for improved patient compliance. J-shaped buttress provides patellar stabilization. Inferior and superior straps provide additional control & compression.

Medial and lateral single axis 90° back stop hinges for additional ligament support.

INDICATIONS: Medial or lateral patellar subluxation; Mild chondromalacia; Patellofemoral tracking dysfunction; Patellofemoral pain syndrome; Patella tendonitis; Patella dislocation.

Specify Left or Right.

Size Knee Circumference
Ex-Small 12"
Small 13"
Medium 14"
Large 15"
Ex-Large 16"
2X-Large 17"
3X-Large 18"


Care Information

PDAC Approved L1820