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Clavicle Strap

Figure 8 clavicle splint. Wide padded closed-cell foam axillary straps covered with stockinette, reinforced with webbing to prevent stretching. Closed-cell foam back pad with slide buckle and catch fasteners for easy adjustment.
INDICATIONS: Clavicle fractures;  Acromioclavicular separations; Osteolysis of the clavicle; AC degenerative joint pain; Postural dysfunction; Sternoclavicular dislocations.

MEASUREMENT: Measure from center of back between scapulas, over shoulder, around underneath arm and back, to center of back.

Size Fits (Appx) Length Of Axillary Pad
Small 20" - 28" 9.5"
Medium 24" - 32" 11.5"
Large 26" - 36" 14.5"
Ex-Large 30" - 40" 17.5"

Care Information

Approved SADMERC L3650