V-Line Pro-V6 & V7

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PRO-V6 Spinal Orthosis - TLSO

Our PRO-V Model V6 & V7 spinal orthosis is a single piece TLSO design that comes with anterior & posterior pre-molded inserts. Our posterior insert comes with spinal relief cut out and anterior insert is pre-slotted to accommodate a sternal kit. Two smooth cross-pull compression straps with elastic tension ends make for easy application yet effective compression. Hand-pull tabs on all ends. Our anterior pocket is fully adjustable providing correct positioning and accommodating a wider range of sizes.

Patient friendly shoulder straps apply easy as a backpack. Padded axillary pads & straps attach in front with Velcro.

Standard 9' front - Model V6
Low Profile 7' front - Model V7

Neutral  abdomen
Pendulous abdomen

18" Posterior Panel  - 0º - 7º - 12º - 25º Lordosis.  (12º comes standard)

Indications: Compression fractures of the thoracic spine; Thoracic mechanical back pain; Acute pain relief by thoracic postural extension alignment. Kyphosis.

Size Hips
Small 32” – 38”
Medium 36” – 42”
Large 40” – 46”
Ex-Large 44” – 50”
2XL 48” – 54”
3XL 52” – 58”
4XL 56” – 62”

Care Information

Approved PDAC L0456